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SPOTIFY® Third Party Playlist Campaign + More

Genres: Pop, Country, Rock, Alternative, Singer-Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Classical, Instrumental, Urban, Folk, + more.


Our Goal: To increase streams and followers. Best suited for artists/bands who are in the beginning stages of addressing and building their Spotify® profile.


The Bullet Points:

  • No bots are used (EVER!), we target third party playlists.

  • Our campaigns are organic streams from real people.

  • We can promote both new releases and older tracks.


The Spotify® Pitch:

Official Spotify® Pitch: We will write and submit the official Spotify® pitch for you IF we are hired at least 2 weeks before the release date. Pitches can be submitted up to 6 weeks ahead of a release. (You will be required to answer some questions ahead of time about the track.)


Campaign is ‘Life of Project’. We will promote the track until the goal is accomplished. Because this is an organic campaign, time frames will vary. Streams will likely continue after the goal is completed but at a slower rate once promotion ceases. Playlist rotations can rotate weekly, monthly, or whenever the curators choose. We do not request songs to be taken down once the campaign goals are met.

More Details:

Reach: We do not focus an individual country, it will be a global push. It is very difficult to target geographically with playlists. (The nature of digital marketing.)

Spotify® Dashboard: You will have to add us as an ‘Administrator’ to your Spotify® Artist Dashboard. This is how we monitor your analytics and submit any pitches. Further instructions will be provided.

Multiple track packages may be available. We will help you with a strategy.

Please do not engage in any other Spotify® campaigns (except official Spotify® products)

while we are promoting you.

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Download Our New Release Checklist Free. Click here.
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