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Have a new release coming out soon and need guidance? 

Do you have a specific goal in mind but not sure how to tackle it?

Do you you already have a plan and need à la carte services or support campaigns?

For more information, visit our SERVICES page or contact us to discuss your project.




SPOTIFY® Campaigns designed to organically help increase streams, stimulate algorithms, and build your presence.

IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE BRANDING on your digital profiles including DSPs, social media, artist website, and more.

IMPROVE DIGITAL PRESENCE by initiating campaigns or creating content and releasing it into the digital realm.




Need help managing your project or label?

We have very limited space for these types of campaigns. Please contact us with as much lead time as possible to check availability.



Our clients have been featured on XM Radio
Our clients have been featured on Spotify
Our clients have been featured on BBC Radio
Our clients have charted on Billboard Magazine (Radio &^ Sales) Charts
Our clients have been featured in Rolling Stone.


“I have seen Amanda described by many as a “first rate music professional”. In my experience, that is a 100% accurate description but really only scratches the surface. Add to that -killer work ethic, creative, thorough, focused, determined, dedicate and driven. Amanda delivers for her clients and possesses what I believe is the greatest strength of all -integrity. She has my respect and highest recommendation.”

Sam Kaiser, MVP Entertainment

What does Music Promotion, Inc. do? 

Established in 2011, Music Promotion Inc. is a boutique music marketing firm created by a seasoned music promoter that saw flaws in the music promotion marketplace. One of the most common errors is completing marketing and branding after a radio, and/or public relation team is hired. This type of approach always creates more challenges than necessary, for if a marketing team is brought in at the outset of a campaign to assist with essential overall set up [coordination and branding], a broader scope of success becomes much more attainable. Major labels have teams of people to do this while independent artists do not. MPi evolves with market needs and focuses on the areas that are crucial to an artist or band's career development.

What is 'strategic marketing'?

Strategic marketing is the "brain" behind the project. We start with a discussion about what the goals are, and then build a plan by incorporating essentials including competitive advantages (every band has one), budget, location, genre, etc. 

How is strategy different than promotion?

Strategizing is the process that decides which promotion elements to bring into a campaign. Music Promotion, Inc. has "in-house" promotions, but we also have [carefully chosen] strong industry partnerships with some of the best professionals in the industry. This is one of our strongest competitive advantages. We build individual campaigns based on who is best FOR YOU. In the long run, this will always save time and money. We know who is active on the front lines, what they specialize in, who is accomplishing the best results, and what records they will respond to. In many cases, we have designed the campaigns and other companies implement them specially for MPi. We also have à la carte services for those who know exactly what it is they are looking for.

What is my return on investment (ROI)?

This is a question we get often and the answer depends entirely upon where an artist is in their career. Is there an existing fan base, or is one starting from scratch? How many people are subscribed to the artist's email newsletter? Does the artist have an email list? Is the artist performing regularly? Does the artist have merch to sell? What has been done to generate income already? Does the artist own their publishing? Did the artist write the songs? Is the artist registered everywhere they should be? Making an income from music is harder than ever in a rapidly changing environment. All industries are experiencing growing pains as digital technology is evolving. We will position your music in the optimal spaces to encourage growth, but as we all know, it takes time and nurturing to build a solid income stream. Music income is a cumulative effect. One has to address multiple career aspects and then build them up before substantial income can be expected. MPi will discuss goals and act as a guide.

This is where your royalty payments come from.

This is where your royalty payments come from.
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