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Aggressive, chart driven commercial radio campaigns.

Catering to MediaBase. 
















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The world of radio is a little complicated so here are some footnotes:

  • MediaBase (A/C and Top 40) radio charts are publicly published weekly on Pollstar's website. (Each charts reports 40 spots.)

  • MediaBase charts are the driver for Billboard (although Billboard adjusts them).

  • Billboard publishes charts to subscribers on their website but no longer publishes printed weekly airplay charts.

  • Billboard no longer publishes the BDS/Billboard Indicator charts as BDS no longer exists since December 2022.

  • Billboard does not publish Mediabase Activator Charts.

  • The Adult Contemporary Billboard Chart has 30 spots.

  • The Pop Airplay (Top 40) Billboard Chart has 40 spots.




Adult Contemporary and Top 40 (Pop Airplay)

Campaigns/Charts we currently offer:

Adult Contemporary MediaBase Chart

Top 40 MediaBase Chart

Top 40 MediaBase Activator Chart

Objective: To chart the single on the appropriate chart.

The Bullet Points:

  • Chart Driven

  • Life of Project Fees

  • Catering to MediaBase Adult Contemporary, MediaBase Top 40, MediaBase Top 40 Activator

  • Servicing to Sirius XM Radio, iHeart, Syndicated Shows, etc.

  • Contact us for an individualized quote.

Radio Chart Map: A comprehensive chart showing which charts are coorespond with musical genres.

MPi offers radio campaigns for Adult Contemporary and Top 40 genres in the USA. If you need help in another genre, ask us for a recommendation. 

MPi will not accept records that we do not feel are competitive. In addition, a client’s drive, motivation and the client's willingness to work hard are all important factors in an extremely competitive market.

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