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Artist: Nikki Lorenzo

Track: "LISTA"

Single Release Date: March 24, 2024

Video Release Date: April 26, 2024



Los Angeles, CA

A quick interview with Nikki Lorenzo!

Q. What does 'LISTA' mean and how does it relate to the song?

“LISTA” is the feminine form of the word “ready” in Spanish. In the song I sing, “en la guerra de tu amor, estoy lista” which translates to, “in the war of your love, I’m ready.” The turbulent relationship that the song is about is compared to the kind of war within ourselves as well as the war against each other. It then begs the question, is the love worth the wounds? Are you going to fight or are you going to flee? Are you going to continue the cycle or are you going to break it? Either way, I’m ready.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Cuban-American, originally from Miami. Born in the middle of a hurricane. I fell in love with music, theatre, and poetry when I was a kid and it brought me a lot of joy to entertain people as well as it being such a catharsis. First time I stepped into a recording studio was when I was ten years old. I chose to use that session to record me singing, “I Keep on Falling” by Alicia Keys, which I think, looking back, is a bold choice for a ten year old. I moved around a lot and then ended up in Los Angeles- playing gigs all over the sunset strip like my idols before me, starry-eyed. At one point, I was the lead singer in a jazz band for a bit during the week and then I’d sing rock and roll on the weekends because who doesn’t love to use all the colors in their box of crayons? Now, I like to incorporate all the things I’m passionate about into the art I create: cinema, poetry, movement. Especially when it comes to my music.

Q. What do you want people to know about you?

I’ll be releasing more music this year as well as performing soon!

IG: @nikkilorenzo

Youtube: @TheNikkiLorenzo

TikTok: @thenikkilorenzo


LISTA Starring: Nikki Lorenzo and John Hawkes Directed by: Bianca Poletti Produced by: Shayna Gianelli Executive Produced by: Kelly Silva, John Hawkes, Nikki Lorenzo, Andrew Sandler Cinematography by: Kayla Hoff HMU: Julie Kelaidis Styling by: Donna Lisa Styling assistant: Jasmine Amini Production Design: Sarah Fernandez Steadicam: Devon Catucci 1st AD: Ryan James 2nd AD: Daniel Rodger Gaffer: Pablo Lopez Key Grip: Austin Deats Choreography: Matilda Sakamoto Sound mix: Chris Nungary Color: Mikey Rossiter Editing: Dusten Zimmerman Stills: Lauren Withrow

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