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Sacrifices You Will Make to Succeed in the Music Business

Photo by Eric Alexandrakis
Grammy® nominee medallion.

Succeeding in the music business is tough work! There is a reason why so many "successful" people feel so alone. The dedication that is required to "make it" in the entertainment industry (or any industry) is so drastic that distractions can hurt a career. The road to success is littered with past relationships, friendships, and sacrifices so great that many may decide the cost is too high and give up. In order to make it to the top levels, every piece of your soul must go into achieving your dream. Traveling, time away, missing important events in your loved one's lives are all part of the job. Blowing off a birthday party to attend a gig that had five people show up can eat at your know that one of those five could be who helps your career. Yes, self care is also important, but working 70 hours weeks is going to be your norm. If you don't do it, you don't want it bad enough. You must be hungry for it and you must be in the mindset to go after it - despite the sacrifices. 

I don't think many people truly understand how difficult and how much one gives up in the quest for greatness. I'm not by any means advocating anyone giving up on their life goals nor self care but I do want to educate people on the cost of success. You must want it more than anything in the world and that does and will hurt the people in your life sometimes. It can also mean financial instability, loneliness, and frustration. If you are making this journey make sure you take the time to thank your loved ones for their patience and support as being a partner or family member to someone who is on this journey can be extremely difficult. I do believe the impact is underestimated.

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