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Composer Steven Chesne, introduces “Descendants (in 79 Languages),” the piece that some call “‘It’s A Small World’ for the Modern Age.”

A photo of Steven Chesne in a virtual studio
Steven Chesne spent four years making "Descendants (in 79 Languages)'.

Los Angeles, CA, United States, June, 2024 - Brahmasong Records announces the upcoming release of Steven Chesne’s new album, ‘Descendants (in 79 Languages)’ to be released world-wide on July 19, 2024.

The new album is an eclectic collection of 14 songs that cross the genres lines of World-Beat, New Age, Neo-Classical, and Electronica. Created by composer Steven Chesne, the album interweaves the phrase “We are the descendants” in 79 languages including Khmer, French, Igbo, Portuguese, Xhosa, Korean, Ukrainian, among many others.

This first-of-its-kind collection is the fruit of four years of production. It took Mr. Chesne a year to acquire and study recordings of accurate translations from native speakers in all 79 languages and then compose a different melody for each phrase so that all of the phrases worked together musically. Another year was spent connecting with eminent vocalists and arranging recordings all over the world, from Madagascar to Albania, from Kenya to the Netherlands. The next two years were devoted to creating additional songs using these phrases, and producing the album.

Accurately described by some as “Disney’s ‘It’s A Small World’,” but for the Modern Age,” Chesne’s ‘Descendants (in 79 Languages)’ shares the theme of humanity and commonality. The powerful words “We are the descendants” forms the basis for the album and these are nearly the only lyrics in the songs. These words represent our shared origin, the interconnectedness of all humanity.

“While there are countless things that various peoples and cultures disagree

about, even to the point of violence, one thing that all of us accept in common is

the fact that we all descend from a common source, whatever that may be.”

-- Steven Chesne

In addition to Platinum recording artist, rapper Fredo Bang, the album features Uyanga Bold (vocalist in Disney’s “Mulan,” and Marvel’s “Spiderman”), Christina Hals (vocalist in Disney’s “Frozen 1 and 2”, and “League of Legends”), Nimol (lead singer of “Peter Gabriel presents Dengue Fever”), members of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, as well as two-time Grammy winning vocalist Hila Plitmann, among many other regional and indigenous artists around the world.

During his career, Steven Chesne has composed the scores for over 300 episodes of prime-time, network shows and 17 theatrical films and is the recipient of many awards for his music including those from ASCAP, Billboard, Global Music Awards, and the John Lennon Songwriters’ Awards. His most recent project, Sapient: A Cantata of Peace, focused on teachings of peace and the unity of humankind — teachings that various world traditions hold in common.

For more on Steven Chesne, please visit his website at

“Descendants (in 79 Languages)” will be available on all streaming platforms world-wide on July 19, 2024. Presales are available starting June 26. The album is impacting community radio in mid-July. A video tour about the album can be seen here:



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