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I worked with a band a few years ago who was reluctant to do a press release but they did so on my advice. At first, they were not convinced it was 'worth it' since there was so little response from journalists (which is typical for a new band) but a full year later, I was contacted by a booking representative from Madison Square Garden who had seen the band perform at a radio station event and wanted to book them for a half time show but the only contact information they could find was from my press release. Needless to say, the band was thrilled.

A press release is an official statement issued to announce news, events, accomplishments, or other noteworthy developments by an individual or an entity. Press releases are distributed to various media outlets with the intention of garnering publicity and coverage. They often include quotes from key stakeholders, relevant background information, and contact details for media inquiries. Artists/bands send out press releases for various reasons, but primarily to generate publicity and promote their music, events, or other significant developments.

Reasons to issue a press release.

Album (or single) Release: 

When a band releases a new album, they may issue a press release to announce the launch, provide details about the album, such as the title, track list, release date, and perhaps share insights into the creative process behind the music.

Tour Announcements: 

Press releases are often used to announce upcoming tours, concert dates, and festival appearances. They provide information about where and when fans can see the band perform, helping to increase ticket sales and attendance at live shows.

Major Milestones: 

Bands may issue press releases to announce significant milestones, such as reaching a certain number of album sales, achieving chart success, receiving awards or nominations, or marking anniversaries of their formation or notable achievements.

New Signings or Partnerships: 

If a band signs with a new record label, management agency, or enters into a partnership with a brand or organization, they might issue a press release to inform the public and industry insiders about the collaboration.

Band Member Changes: 

Press releases can be used to announce changes in band lineup, such as new members joining the group or the departure of existing members. This helps to manage expectations among fans and maintain transparency within the fanbase.

Special Events: 

Bands may issue press releases to promote special events, such as album release parties, exclusive performances, charity concerts, or fan meet-and-greets.

Press releases serve as a strategic tool for bands to communicate important information to the media, fans, and music industry professionals, ultimately helping to build their brand, expand their fanbase, and increase visibility within the music industry.

How to leverage a DIY a press release on your own.

Existing Relationships:

If you have existing relationships with media contacts, you can send a press release directly to them and do the follow up yourself.

Use A Press Release Wire Service:

A press release wire service is a platform that helps distribute press releases to media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and other relevant contacts. These services act as intermediaries between the entity issuing the press release and the recipients who may be interested in covering the news. In many cases, the media outlets will post the press release on their websites. The service usually includes some analytics or a report. Using a press release wire service can be advantageous for bands looking to maximize the reach and impact of their press releases, as it allows you to efficiently distribute news to a wide audience of media professionals and influencers. However, it's important to choose a reputable wire service with a strong network and track record of success to ensure that the press release reaches its intended audience effectively.

Social Media:

You can also post the press release on your band's official social media accounts and pay to boost the post to get the most exposure possible.

You can hire a publicist for help.

If you are intimidated by DIY-ing a press release, you can hire a publicist to assist you. A publicist can play a crucial role in helping to secure responses from a press release. Publicists specialize in managing publicity and media relations for individuals, companies, or organizations. Here's how a publicist can help:

Crafting and Distributing the Press Release: 

Publicists have expertise in creating press releases that are newsworthy, well-written, and tailored to the target audience. They understand how to highlight the most compelling aspects of the announcement and optimize the press release for maximum impact. Additionally, publicists have established relationships with media outlets and journalists, which can facilitate the distribution of the press release to relevant contacts and increase the chances of getting noticed.

Media Outreach: 

Publicists leverage their network of media contacts to pitch the press release directly to journalists, bloggers, editors, and other influencers. They know how to personalize pitches to appeal to specific reporters or publications, increasing the likelihood of coverage. Publicists may follow up with media contacts to answer questions, provide additional information, or schedule interviews, helping to build relationships and secure media placements.

Strategic Planning: Publicists develop strategic plans to ensure that the press release reaches the right audience through the most effective channels. They may recommend timing the release to coincide with industry events, coordinating with other marketing efforts, or targeting niche publications and platforms where the announcement is most likely to resonate. Publicists also monitor media coverage and adjust their approach as needed to maximize exposure and response.

After the press release is distributed, publicists field inquiries from journalists, bloggers, and other media representatives who are interested in covering the story. They coordinate interviews, provide additional information or resources, and facilitate communication between the client and the media. Publicists ensure that responses are timely, professional, and aligned with the client's messaging and objectives.

Overall, a skilled publicist can significantly increase the effectiveness of a press release by leveraging their expertise, industry connections, and strategic approach to generate responses, secure media coverage, and maximize the impact of the announcement.

When you distribute a press release, you can expect various responses depending on multiple factors such as the popularity of your band, newsworthiness of your announcement, the relevance to the target audience, and the effectiveness of your distribution strategy.

Results will vary.

Media Coverage: Ideally, your press release will result in coverage by journalists, bloggers, or other media outlets. This coverage could take the form of news articles, blog posts, interviews, or mentions in industry publications. Positive media coverage can help increase visibility, credibility, and reach for your announcement.

Interview Requests: Journalists or media representatives may reach out to request interviews with members of the band, management team, or other relevant individuals. These interviews provide an opportunity to further discuss the announcement, provide additional insights, and answer questions from the media.

Editorial Opinions: In addition to factual news coverage, your press release might prompt editorial opinions or commentary from journalists or industry experts. These opinions could be positive, negative, or neutral, depending on the nature of your announcement and the perspective of the commentator.

Social Media Engagement: Your press release may generate engagement on social media platforms, such as likes, shares, comments, and retweets. Social media users, including fans, followers, and influencers, may help amplify your message by sharing it with their networks, thereby extending your reach and exposure.

Direct Inquiries: Individuals or organizations mentioned in your press release, as well as members of the public, may reach out directly with inquiries, feedback, or requests for further information. It's important to be responsive to these inquiries and provide timely, helpful responses to maintain positive relationships and maximize opportunities for engagement.

Additional Opportunities: A well-executed press release can open doors to additional opportunities, such as partnership proposals, collaboration opportunities, speaking engagements, or invitations to participate in industry events. These opportunities can help further promote your brand, expand your network, and drive long-term success.

Overall, the responses to your press release can vary widely, but by crafting a compelling announcement, targeting the right audience, and effectively distributing your press release, you can increase the likelihood of achieving your desired outcomes and maximizing the impact of your announcement.

If your band is relatively unknown, you may not receive any responses but it is important to get your news out into the world so when potential fans or music industry professionals search for you online, they can see a history and (at the least) find a way to contact you.

Look at some press release examples here:

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